I have over a decade of experience and knowledge in residential design and drafting. I provide a broad range of design and drafting services which allow me the opportunity to manage regional projects of any size. All drawings are produced using AutoCAD and similar software and state-of-the-art technology resulting in the highest level of details and accuracy. I perform in-depth code review to produce quality and detailed construction documents. All construction documents include what is required to obtain a building permit. I’m highly efficient in turning around projects within a short period of time.

I maintain my reputation for integrity and craftsman like deign by my unique approach to solve problems, consistently of high level of professional care and responsibility and concentrate on details resulting in high efficient services to my clients. My goal is to maintain a long last relationship with my clients. I know my clients’ needs aren’t going to be exactly the same; therefore, I take the time to understand there needs to make sure their visions and thoughts are incorporated during the design stages.

I provide CADD (computer-aided design and drafting) services to architects, engineers, developers, general contractors, real estate brokers, business owners and homeowners.


P.O. Box 6744 Cincinnati, OH 45206 
(513) 487-9612 ~ (513) 297-7903 (fax)